Looks like even the White House is against SOPA.

Combating Online Piracy while Protecting an Open and Innovative Internet | Petition Tool Service Integration.

YouTube – ‪Adolphus Pruitt Denies Organizing “Uncle Tom” Press Conference‬‏.

Gladney case (SEIU thugs ruled no guilty by jury of morons) shows that violence is indeed a legit use of political expression as long as you are a left wing moonbat.

Obama Executive orders imposes new gun rules

Well, well, well.  Only someone as narcissistic as Obama would impose such an executive order during a scandal known as “Gunwalker”.  It’s up to Issa to put his feet to the fire for

A) Imposing such an order
B) Doing it right in the thick of the Gunwalker scandal.

We need some politicians with as much balls as Obama has for issuing this order.  Geez.

I don’t agree with all of Clinton’s “14 ways to put America back to work,” but I definitely believe he’s right about one of them: cutting corporate taxes.

All hail the king of ass kicking.

Ass Kicking 101

The govt is like one of those cousins who can’t seem to understand simple math.

They spend more than they make. They come crawling to you for help. You help them and 2 weeks later, they are at your doorstep again.

At some point, you tell them “no more.”

We the people need to tell the government, “no more”. No more loans, no more spending cash they don’t have.

It’s time the government learned how to balance their checkbook and be adults. We aren’t their personal bank account for their pet projects.

No more credit cards for the government. It has to stop.

Don’t want to put us further in a hole, eh Obama?

Criminals obey laws?

Posted: April 24, 2007 in Politics

Since when do criminals obey laws? Name me ONE time a criminal who perpetrated a vicious crime stopped to think about what laws they are breaking.

Gun laws only prevent the lawful from protecting themselves. Criminals have and always will find ways around laws or straight up break them (in VT shooter Cho’s case).

Give ONE single student or professor in that building the right to carry a weapon and Cho would most likely have done much less damage.

That “gun free zone” had no impact on Cho and it only made those poor souls in Virginia Tech less safe and paid the ultimate price for such a rediculous utopian policy.

Such a shame.